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Social Media Subscription Packages

Monthly content for your social media!


What we do


Express Portrait Sessions
Various Locations

10minute shoots! A quick, convenient and cash flow friendly way to keep your social profiles up to date.

We know that the most effective way to connect to your audience is through your social media accounts, and these shoots ensure you keep your profile pics fresh, and keep current images for your audience to know the face behind the brand.

You can book an Express shoot here.

Subscription Packages
Product + Service based Packages

Having fresh + original content for your products is an ongoing point of frustration for a lot of businesses. It never ends, and can take up a lot of time, energy and effort that could be better used in other areas.

We are here to take that off your hands, keep a steady flow of fresh, creative content coming your way in an efficient and cost friendly manner. The best part? We can work with anyone, from anywhere.  

See our subscriptions for more info!

Custom Photography Sessions
Various Locations

Perhaps youโ€™re after a photographer for an extended period of time to come to you and capture what you do or specific shots you are after.

We regularly accomodate this and love spending the time with the businesses, individuals and brands we shoot for on an hourly basis.

You can see our hourly rate for this here.