Keeping your social media content up to date. #yourewelcome


Hello! Welcome to The Latest.

I’m the creative brain behind this brand.

Founded late 2018, The Latest was born out of a never ending need for on trend, engaging social media content. From managing social media accounts and doing Facebook Advertising for other businesses to drive sales, I found the need for fresh, new and consistent content was, frankly, a black hole. I just wanted to grab a camera and do it myself.

Cue The Latest!

I began with 2 things in mind - cash flow and convenience. With extensive knowlege on social media, it was a natural progression to find a solution to regular creative content while still respecting the major need for good cash flow within businesses. Having been a business owner myself, I wanted to provide the kind of service that I wanted but couldn’t find, and explore my creative side in photography.

Once visiting my grandparents at the age of 7 or 8, they had a disposable camera and let me take a picture of them on it. I clearly remember directing them on where I wanted them to stand, feeling so empowered and grown up, and telling my grandad to put his arm around my grandmother. I snapped the picture, capturing a moment in time to keep and look at forever. I was hooked - from then on all I wanted was a camera and to keep taking photos.

Now I pinch myself that this is what I’m doing for a living!

The Latest about providing content in a convenient way, we do not skimp on aesthetics. Everything is done with style, while experimenting with creative expression to “stand out from the crowd” (overused, I know, but it will do until I think of a better option, ha!).

Because I know what works and engages on social media, I approach our photography with social media engagement as the goal. You can trust that because I have worked on the back end of social media advertising, I know what is needed on the front end. 


Kate Karanges