Subscription Package FAQ


Do you come to me?

For service based subscriptions we will come to you or a location that has been pre-arranges. All products to be photographed are sent to our creative studio and will be photographed on location as we pre-arrange. This allows us to work with brands from anywhere in the world, as well as have everything we need to create our images.

How do I get my product to you and get it back?

Postage of product to us and return will be at your own cost. We have endeavoured to make it as straight forward as possible.

Here’s how it works:

Upon purchase of subscription, we will provide a postage address and you will arrange shipping from your end.

Upon cancellation of subscription, we will get a postage quote to return the product/s to you and send you a secure link to pay this cost.

Upon receipt of payment we will send the package back you.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes you can, however cancelling will still require finishing out the current month (if payment has already been taken and images not yet delivered).

Absolutely! In fact for product subscription packages 2 and 3 we create a shared Pinterest Board where you can pin images and leave captions describing what you like and why. For all packages there is a form to complete at checkout which gives us initial guidance and branding direction.

Please note: we only use the shared Pinterest boards for inspiration, we will not replicate the image as it is the work of someone else.

Can I send you stuff I like as a guide?

What size are the final images you deliver?

All images are sent via an online gallery and are available to be downloaded as web size - a compressed version of the image perfect for sharing on websites and social media. High resolution images are not compatible with these platforms so are not available in the subscription packages as the images are only to be used for social media and website (not print or any other form).

Can I swap out Products each month?

You certainly can - it will all be at your own cost but you are able to send new product and return things already photographed if you have a larger range and want to rotate the products you are receiving images for each month.